Software for Temples - KSHETRA
Now its easy to use... Even for computer illiterate!
  • Extremely easy to learn and use.
  • Time tested software with very less errors.
  • Supports Indian languages including Malayalam.
  • Used by many large, medium and small temples.
  • Features and reports can be customized.
  • Complete network and devices interface support.

What Makes Kshetra Special?

  • Supports Indian Languages
  • Transliteration for Easy Typing
  • Supports Networking
  • High Data Security
  • Superfast Technical Support

KSHETRA Makes Temple Management Easy

We'd put years of research and development efforts to make Kshetra -  "The complete Temple Management Software". Here are some of Kshetra's features which will make your job easy and efficient.



What It Does

Pooja Receipt

For Current and advance booking

This module helps user to easily print receipts and book poojas. There is an optional Panjangam module which links English and other calendar dates.

Receipts and Payments

For entering General Income and expenditures

Contains General Receipt and Voucher for receipt and payment entry. This module allows user to receive or give payments via, Cash, Cheque, DD, Bank Transfer or Money Order.

Store and Inventory

For Material Management

User can do item purchase, Item sales, issue items from store or receive items to store.


Bank transaction Management

Allows user to manage Bank transactions like Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Entering Bank Charges, etc...


Hundi Management

This module is meant to manage the hundi opening, entering received cash details, non-cash items, etc...


Asset Management

Create, edit and writeoff assets. Manage and track asstes, etc...


Marriage Registrations

User can enter marriage registration details and search easily for previous records, issue marriage certificate wtc...


Various Reports

Kshetra comes with almost all types of reports required for temple management. It includes account reports, pooja reports, various code reports, employee details, committee details etc...


All required settings

Master module in Kshetra, which allows users to customize kshetra easily to fit their requirements. It lets you create dieties, create pooja groups, account head creation, User creation and privilege setting, etc...

These features make KSHETRA Complete

While designing features for Kshetra, we gave prominence to the user interface simplicity and process flow agility. To implement Kshetra at your temple, you dont need to change your existing accounting or management systems. Instead, Kshetra can be customised to fit your methods. We made the user interface extremely simple, with very less data entry points. We added intelligence to Kshetra so that it can understand how your system works, through your settings and Kshetra does many actions automatically for you. Addition to all these, Kshetra has an efficient technical support team which is capable of fixing any errors within 30 minutes!.

Kshetra has many additional benefits and features integrated in its code. Here are some of those:

  • Kshetra is an extremely light application which takes very less processor speed and memory.
  • Kshetra automates many operations intelligently and thus reduces user entry points. This reduces the chance of data entry errors and makes the software easy to use.
  • Auto backup feature can be scheduled to take daily, hourly backups automatically. This auto backup will work in background even if Kshetra is not working. In simple words, the chances of data loss is almost nil.
  • Kshetra is compatible with all the printers available in the market and it's plug and play with almost all computer hardware.
  • Works with all Windows versions.
  • The Database is optimized for performance, easy backup and storage.
  • User privilege settings and other security features makes Kshetra the most secure software for the purpose. 
  • Kshetra can be integrated with many devices like: hand held ticketing machines, Palm tops, Bio metric and Card based Attendance Machines, Smart Phones, Automatic Ticket vending machines, Network Printers, Security Systems and Cameras, etc...
  • Hosting Kshetra database is very easy and this enables easy integration with websites/ Online booking Systems, Payment Gateways etc...
  • Kshetra works on multi-tire architecture to provide optimal performance both online, offline and in mobile devices (online and mobile app are additional value added features, not included in standard package)
  • We continuously make studies at temples to make Kshetra more and more efficient and easy. And whenever we release a new version, our clients receives free update (in first year of their purchase)
  • Astrins have a dedicated support department for Kshetra. You will get a single person contact from the beginning to report your problems and they will be available almost anytime in their mobile.
  • Kshetra supports online error fixing feature. Astrins can fix any errors, or clear any doubts through internet. WITHIN 30 MINUTES from the time of support call during our office timings.

We always listen to our customers. If you are our existing customer, or well wisher, please help us to make Kshetra perfect.

Technical Details

Here are the technical details and compatibility list for Kshetra:

Our suggestions on Hardware:

  1. Computer - Intel Dual Core or more processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, DVD Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor (For server computers, we don't insist for a higher configuration computer as Kshetra is extremely light and won't take much resources).
  2. Printers: For Pooja counters we suggest EPSON LX310 Dot-matrix printer and for Office, HP Laser Printer.
  3. UPS - V GUARD, APC or Wipro UPS (You can go for high capacity UPS, if power supply problem is crucial in your area).
  4. Additionally, if you have more than one computers, you need to get those networked. Networking cables, switch etc.. will be provided by your computer supplier.
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